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Social Platform

Polygene is a community building platform for the Web3.0 ecosystem.
It provides a range of decentralized social functions and services,
including decentralized identity (DiD), chat, and various social features.

Chat. In Web 3.

Breaking through Web3 social bottlenecks,
creating an epoch-making social ecology,
and contributing to global ecological protection
with autonomous communities.

Real Decentralized

A blockchain-based social ecosystem connecting the world, promoting a free and open social space, and ensuring human future development with an ecological plan.


Decentralized chat for DAO consensus autonomy, uncensored free chat, project collaboration, and global information flow that aggregates value.

Play to earn

Low-threshold fun games, profitable growth design, and sustainable social connections that benefit the global ecosystem.

Web3 Ecology

Rich Web3 social ecosystem with a one-stop Web3 professional social platform.

Social, Gaming and Charity

Polygene creates a fun, secure, and interactive ecosystem for users while supporting charitable programs

Incentivizing user participation and contributions through social app level function



Innovative gaming mechanisms to promote ecological protection and carbon balance.


Web3 Ecology

Enabling users to participate in Web3 ecosystem development


Environmental Efforts

Establishing eco-friendly charity funds for global ecosystem contributions.

Quick Look
To The Features

Discover what Polygene has to offer with these exciting features.

Social Apps

Real-time messaging, encryption, decentralization. Group chats, channels, multimedia sharing.

Social Trees

A ranking system that rewards users for social activity and contributions, with identity groups and a leaderboard for engagement. Each level up plants a tree as part of Polygene's charity program.

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