Experience the power of social and gaming combined with Polygene

Empower your social life

Polygene - A Multi-Functional Platform

Discover a Seamless and Secure Way to Share Information and Build Communities with Polygene.

Polygene offers a range of features, including quick and secure private messaging, group chats, and the ability to create free or paid DAO communities for a more comprehensive chat experience. Stay up to date with your friends' latest social updates and exclusive viewpoints to enrich your social experience, break cognitive barriers, and gain new perspectives. With Polygene, building connections and staying informed has never been easier.

Secure Messaging

Private messaging and group chat for secure and easy information sharing

DAO Communities

DAO communities with varying levels of access and functionality for a more comprehensive group chat experience

Dynamic Content Sharing

Dynamic content sharing to keep users up-to-date on the latest social developments and break cognitive barriers


Social Trees

Grow, Earn Reward
and Make a Better World!

Web3 social ecosystem that rewards users for social behavior and interaction.

Growing Social Status

Users can climb the social ranks and earn rewards and privileges by participating in social interactions and contributing to the community.

NFTs Utilities
Real-world Impact

A portion of PYG profits are donated to charity for environmental improvement and real-life tree planting.

Rewards and privileges