The Polygene Tokens

Unlock the Potential of Polygene Ecosystem with our Tokens

Token Usage

Fueling interactions and providing incentives
The role of Polygene tokens in the ecosystem.

Polygene Dual Tokens are the primary means of payment for social networking and interactive services.

Tokens are used for various social activities including chatting and social behaviors.

Dual-tokens model with unique use cases to support the platform's social networking and gaming features.

Part of the profits goes to a charitable foundation dedicated to improving the environment.

$Polygene Token

Polygene Token is a governance token with a total supply of 10 billion tokens. It can be used for staking, voting, and earning social rewards and benefits. It is mainly used for community governance and incentivizing users to participate in social interactions

$Polymer Token

Polymer Token is a sub-token of Polygene that users can use to purchase items and engage in chat-based activities. It is more versatile and caters to users' various needs in social interactions.